The upkeeping of your jacuzzi

Congratulations on buying a world-famous portable spa, Hot Spring ®! Our goal is to make your hot tub the best possible use and pleasure. Here are some things you can do to quickly become a glad hot tubber.

Hot Tub Time schedule

Make plans to use your spa in the first place. Studies have shown that daily hot tub use gives you the most health benefits. The benefits include faster muscle regeneration, better circulation, lower levels of stress hormones and reduced anxiety. One research found much less pain and anxiety among hot tubbers using their spas three times a week than study participants in other therapy.

We often hear about your favorite spas from Hot Spring owners. This can help you to create your own jacuzziroutine:

  • Start your day with a soothing morning soak while enjoying the first taste of coffee or tea
  • Take a restful midday nap, taking advantage of the fresh air and the view of the world
  • Wind down before bedtime in the evening with a hot tub. You’re not off to sleep.
  • If you have a hot tub to share, you can easily make room for the kids. A big whirlpool is an excellent place for connecting and sharing news.
  • Plan a day in the hot tub every week. Have you bought a hot tub for two people? This is the perfect place to stay individually.

Follow the suggested maintenance of hot tub

Follow your recommended maintenance schedule for easier care, better results and the longest spa life.

  • Before entering the spa, shower without soap and avoid washing your soap suits.
  • Check and change balance weekly for your spa water.
  • Maintain clean your spa. When you have to disinfect the whole room, a non-abrasive cleaner and gentle rag is the trick. Using bakery soda for surface touch-ups.
  • Keep your cover clean to remove extra dirt and waste from your spa water. Pull a hose to release soil onto your cover. Then use a mild soap or a sponge soda maker.

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