Clean water and good health

Water is an essential component to insure the human’s survival: indeed our body is 80% made of water. That explains why we cannot live without. However, it is important to know that we cannot use any kind of water: it has to be suitable for consumption to prevent any risk of poisoning for the consumers. But numerous countries in the world still do not have any access to drinkable water. In Europe, and particularly in the United Kingdom, water treatment is at the heart of the preoccupations.

Situation of water in UK

In a country which has been one of the pioneers of the industrial revolution, water treatment was really not a priority for the government in power. But for a few years, the leaders seem have realized that water is a rare commodity, and that we have to preserve it at any price. That is why the country set up a system to collect and recycle the soiled waters, to be able to reutilize it and limit the waste.

Why it is important to clean it

Water resources are not inexhaustible, and it is important to recycle it to avoid useless waste. However, water is not always drinkable: firstly it has to become suitable for drinking to be used. This calls especially for a strict filtering and a chlorine treatment, to remove the germs and the organic component which could be poisonous. Filtering water is the guarantee of preventing a potential infection.

How to filter your water

The best way to filter your water before using it is to invest in a filtering carafe: it is a basic carafe with a canister which filters the water thanks to a thin sieve. The sieve is able to remove all the impurities which are invisible to the naked eye, to be sure of using a totally clear water.